Holy Catholic Church International 

  • Most Reverend Heyward B. Ewart, Ph.D., Psy.D., D.D.

Patriarch, Holy Catholic Church International [HCCI]
President and Academic Dean, St. James the Elder Theological Seminary
Curriculum Advisor, M.A.-Ph.D. Program, Psychology with a Christian World View
Diplomate, American College of Forensic Examiners and American
Board of Traumatology Examiners

  • Most Reverend William Cardinal Malloy, Jr., M. A., M. Div., Th.D., D.D., Psy.D.

Cardinal and Coadjutor Patriarch, HCCI
Dean and Professor of Theology
Dean of Clergy Formation
Superior, Traditional Catholic Rites, HCCI
Diplomate, American Board of Traumatology Examiners

  • Archbishop Andrew Sagayam

First Advisor to Rev. Dr. William Cardinal Malloy, Coadjutor Patriarch, HCCI
Metropolitan Archbishop, Old Catholic Church of India and the U.S.

  • Most Rev. Dr. David Cardinal Baker 

Treasurer, Holy Catholic Church International [HCCI]

  • ​Celestino Cardinal Gianan

Metropolitan Archbishop of Southeast Asia.

  • Most Reverend Charles Cardinal Thorpe, Th.D., D.D.

Professor of Theology
Adviser to the Patriarch in canon law​​​

  • Deacon Anacleto B. Millendez, M.D., Ph.D.

Founder and Director, the Beautiful Heart Foundation

  • Cardinal Titus McMillan, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology
Director of New Clergy Orientation

  • Dr. Kevin James Osborne, B.A.,B.Th, M.A.,D.D., D.Sc., M.Div. (Cand.), Ph.D. (Cand.)

Catechismal and Church Mission

  • Dr. Karen Osborne, B.A., D.Sc., M.A., Ph.D.

Catechismal and Church Mission

  • Most Rev. Dr. Jose Ignacio Adorno Valentin

​Archbishop, Metropolitan Archdiocese of the Caribbean. 
Established by Patriarchal Decree April 14, year of our Lord 2018.
Anglican Orthodox Church of Latin America

  • Most Reverend Dr Chris Oliver ThD, D.CC, DD

Old Catholic Metropolitan Archdiocese of England
Email  hcciengland@gmail.com

Our Church Officers


We’re starting a fund-raising drive to build or purchase a Church, our first in Florida, probably in Jacksonville. Every contributor, no matter what the amount, will be lifted up at every celebration of the Holy Eucharist—their prayer intentions too.

Most Reverend Heyward B. Ewart, Ph.D., Psy.D., D.D.