Holy Catholic Church International 


We’re starting a fund-raising drive to build or purchase a Church, our first in Florida, probably in Jacksonville. Every contributor, no matter what the amount, will be lifted up at every celebration of the Holy Eucharist—their prayer intentions too.

Most Reverend Heyward B. Ewart, Ph.D., Psy.D., D.D.


Our History

On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 10:59 AM, Patriarch Paul wrote to his bishops:

My dearly beloved brothers, I have a word for you regarding our identity.

We are the world’s “cathedral next door”, placed alongside other liturgical churches and offering a bright light of hope for those who long to practice their pure Catholic faith without encumbrances or the distractions of the politically correct. We are 100-percent Catholic, led by the Holy Spirit, nourished by Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition, and powered by a passionate love of Jesus Christ. Our leaders, bishops and priests alike, seek to have hearts of overflowing love and an insatiable thirst for truth.

We are a safety net for Christians about to give up their religion because of disturbing flaws in their churches.   In any large city there are scores of pretenders with catchy remedies preying on vulnerable souls with all kinds of inviting names and tasty doctrines. But we hold tightly to a truth which is not ours. It has been given to us only to borrow and proclaim. We have witnessed other groups having a genuine love of the truth coming to us at a rapid pace. We are meant to be together. Only truth can bring unity; all else turns into a collection of feeble opinions that nourish no-one.

We see clearly that the sacraments, all instituted by Christ Himself, are His favorite way of bestowing His blessings upon us. The sacraments are the food for our souls, and since they all honor Christ, they must be celebrated perfectly.

We do not deny, however, that the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church are loved beyond measure by our Lord. They came first as His Bride. We are another light in the massive fierce storms of these times. We hold a lantern in a dark cloud born of compromise, of situational ethics, of political correctness, of godliness as a means to financial gain, and by preaching that is carefully tailored for tickling ears. By our work, we help preserve His Bride by celebrating the truth, the truth which has been clearly presented to us by the Church Fathers.

The Holy Catholic Church International is becoming a partial but very major answer to our Lord’s most heartfelt prayer for unity. He saw us at the time He prayed His Priestly Prayer in the Gospel of John.

HCCI embraces the Catholic core beliefs held by these traditional expressions: Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, including Episcopalian, and others to be revealed later. In addition, we will continue to attract mainstream Protestants, Evangelicals, and even Pentecostals who have an aching emptiness in their souls that they cannot describe nor name but for which we know the remedy.

We are not a church of cathedrals only but also of humble places of loving worship.  We celebrate mass in our own homes in addition to any other place with which we have been blessed. We invite our own families, friends, and neighbors even though they may not come immediately. Our Blessed Mother will bring them in time.

We pray the Lord to impart to all of our clergy a noticeable countenance of love so magnetic that strangers will approach us with their needs.  Our distinguishing quality and central goal is a palpable, intense love for our Savior and for His Mother, therefore for all people. This love is the heavenly power that has caused us to grow very rapidly. Before long, we will literally be a household word.

May our Lord grant you the grace to believe this message and be greatly energized, inspired, and blessed in many ways+++

Love in Christ,

+++Paul, your servant


Who We Are?