Holy Catholic Church International 


We’re starting a fund-raising drive to build or purchase a Church, our first in Florida, probably in Jacksonville. Every contributor, no matter what the amount, will be lifted up at every celebration of the Holy Eucharist—their prayer intentions too.


He is the Son of God and yet is God. The Father and the Holy Spirit dwell in Him, and He dwells in them.

Though begotten of the Father, He has never not existed. He is not created, but He is the source of all creation. All that is in being has been created through Him and for Him; He exists in all creation; all creation is in Him; and He is beyond all, greater than His own wonders.

When he endured the cross and all that came before, He was in the Holy Spirit and in the Father, and they were in Him. The Trinity was nailed to the cross in the person of the Christ.

He, the Second Person of the Triune God, was not killed but gave up His own Spirit unto the Father in a form of death which yielded even greater life. He was not raised from the dead; He awakened Himself. During this sleep He radiated Hell with blinding light and turned the tortured state of souls there to a condition of unspeakable joy, to be succeeded by the ultimate hope of all mankind: the end of death itself.

All that He has said in Holy Scripture is absolutely true in a reality that is barely exploratory. Scripture is indeed holy as the word of God but even more holy as a door to discovering glories of Christ for which words, though holy, can be only the slightest hint. Yet each glimpse is a "pearl of great price". Only the Spirit can reveal the Son, who could never be comprehended adequately in a million lifetimes.

This ineffable magnificence, this crown of glory who is the Christ, this most holy and all-powerful mystery, has chosen to reveal Himself, his Father, and his Holy Spirit through a single entity: Love. He defines the Father as Love; He is in the Father; and the Father is in Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit with the permanence of eternal love.

Love is all, as He is all. Love is the creative descriptor He has given Himself and is the foundation of every glory that could ever be imagined. Love is the ultimate Who is Christ.

Of the very little we know, we can understand the most important act He has commanded of us: to love one another. Each time we obey, in any of the examples He has given, we become more like Him.

We are not called to become Christians; we are summoned to become Christ. This jolting fact is substantiated by our being predestined to be conformed to His likeness. Therefore we must love one another. And yet, this commandment is impossible without His copious grace. We do not love Christ: We love Him back. He has first loved us.

Dr. Heyward Ewart is president of  St. James the Elder Theological Seminary, where he also teaches psychology at the master’s and doctoral levels. http://www.stjamestheelder.org